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How we keep you safe

One of the main benefits of hiring tools is knowing that all the correct safety precautions are in place.

Not only do we make sure that you have access to the best-of-the-best equipment our industry has to offer, but our accreditations from the Hire Association of Europe (HAE) and the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) cement our commitment to your safety, giving you peace of mind on site.

Alliance Tool Hire - how we keep you safe


All of our depot managers each have decades of experience in the hire industry, meaning that they know our equipment inside out. This allows them to advise you on the safe usage of equipment and ensure high health & safety standards throughout our business.

Every depot is staffed by at least one dedicated mechanic, meaning that equipment is tested and serviced on site. Additionally, we have several LEEA qualified lifting engineers who allow us to offer a high quality lifting equipment hire service, alongside testing and certifying your equipment if required.


Our staff are always available to provide user advice, and offer demonstrations if required. We also provide user guides with all our equipment.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical to the safe use of our hire fleet – we stock a full range across our network from high quality brand Ox, and our website includes a handy key with recommended safety precautions for each piece of equipment.

Accreditations and audits

We have gone one step further than the standard HAE membership, and hold HAE SafeHire certification following rigorous audits confirming that we follow safe systems of work.

We are also recognised by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (Bronze) for achieving best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection in management of our vehicle fleet.

Finally, we use a third party H&S consultant for unbiased auditing of our systems and procedures, in addition to regular internal audits.

Safety precautions

Throughout the site, you’ll find the safety precautions that are recommended with the use of our equipment. Below is a guide to each area, but please ask any of our team if you need further assistance.

Eye protection

Eye protection is required when you are at risk of debris entering the eye, for example wooden splinters or sand, or in the presence of irritants like chemicals, smoke or dust.

You have the option of safety spectacles for less hazardous situations, which should be EN166.B grade, safety goggles for enhanced protection against small particles like dust, and face shields for activities like welding.

Foot protection

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) expects construction workers to wear protective footwear whilst they are on site and doing heavy work.

Boots should have steel toecaps (or equivalent) to protect against dropped objects and midsole protection (usually a steel plate) to protect against puncture or penetration if you tread on a nail.

Breathing protection

Face masks provide protection against dust particles, aerosols, fumes, and smoke. One of the easiest ways to ensure protection is to wear FFP (Filtering Face Piece) or P grade respirators, which we stock.

FFP1 / P1 grade masks filter at least 80% of airborne particles at 95L/min of air and are most suitable for procedures such as sanding, drilling and cutting as they guard against relatively low levels of air pollutants.

FFP2 / P2 and FFP3 / P3 grade masks filter at least 94% and 99% of airborne particles respectively, and will protect against increasingly high high levels of dust particles and oil or water based mist.

Hand protection

It is essential to protect hands against cuts, grazes and irritants while working. General purpose builders gloves are cotton backed with a latex palm to ensure grip and protection. PU and Nitrile Flex gloves are made of thinner material to enable greater dexterity for trades like electricians.

Welding gauntlets are required for welding activities. For wet conditions, waterproof and fleece-lined gloves are available.

Ear protection

Employers are required to have in place preventative measures that will reduce or eliminate risks from noise at work. Noise should be brought down to 85dB or lower, equivalent to a food blender.

We recommend earplugs for short term use and quieter noises, and more durable ear defenders for longer durations and louder situations.

Head protection

Safety helmets must be worn on site to protect against head injuries.

We offer adjustable CE Marked EN397 hard hats made from UV stabilised high density polyethylene from every depot.

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