Sustainability at Alliance Tool Hire: We are carbon neutral

Here at Alliance Tool Hire, we are passionate advocates for the environment and are always seeking to operate in the most sustainable way. In line with the government’s commitment to achieve zero net carbon by 2050, we are taking measures to reduce our carbon emissions and help our customers to do the same.

Carbon neutral today

We are committed to transitioning to lower impact operations, which is a multi-year process. In the meantime we will fully offset our emissions that cannot be completely avoided by making equal CO2 savings elsewhere.

We have done this through Certified Emission Reduction units, which are overseen by the United Nations and are the most recognised and widely used standard in the world. These fund projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions in areas like renewable energy and reforestation, while also contributing to the UN’s sustainable development goals.


Direct emissions


Reduce electricity consumption

We are working to identify ways to reduce energy consumption at our depots, for example by replacing legacy lighting systems with LEDs and using of motion sensors. 

Two builders workers mounting the panels for the solar energy using.

Convert to renewable electricity

We will move all electricity supply to our buildings to renewable sources by 2023 as existing contacts end, using either renewable energy guarantees of origin or community energy suppliers. 


Electrify vehicle fleet

All new company cars will be plug-in hybrid at least. Our delivery fleet will be electrified – or powered by other low emissions fuels like hydrogen – as soon as technology is broadly available. 

Indirect / supply chain emissions

Engage suppliers

We will work with suppliers who take sustainability as seriously as us, and scrutinise their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. We are proud to see that one of our key supplier partners, Hilti, has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2023 and is investing in areas of circular like production re-using and recycling equipment.

We will continue to stock only premium quality products, which are naturally more durable, and maintain mechanic expertise in house to ensure they are properly maintained.

Reduce our hire fleet's emissions

We are always looking to offer lower-emissions alternatives in our hire fleet, which usually have additional benefits like improving air quality on site.

Some of the greener technology that we are investing in:

Alternative power sources

Lower-emissions fuels such as HVO, which can reduce carbon emissions by 90% compared to white diesel, are available across our depot network.

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