Airdeck Inflatable Soft Landing System

AirDeck has many uses as a fall arrest bag, soft landing bag and as an air filled bag for protection of products. AirDeck is an innovative alternative to polystyrene filled landing bags. It is safer, quicker and easier to store and move.

AirDeck can be deflated for easy and convenient transportation between sites. It is also easy to move on site as it is air filled and not filled with polystyrene. AirDeck can be used as a fall arrest bag for hire or purchased to keep for repeat use. Health and safety in construction is increasingly important and falls from height lead the figures almost every year for avoidable deaths & injuries at work.

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It can be used wherever there is a need to protect employees working at height - scaffolding, housing construction, vehicle and aircraft maintenance, loading and unloading lorries, protecting large goods during transportation and more.

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