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Cooling equipment: Time to join the summer fan club?

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After a colder than average Spring – which included one of the wettest months of May on record – summer is thankfully here at last.


For many, the blue skies provide a welcome opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine, leaving memories of Winter lockdowns firmly in the past. But warmer weather is not entirely without its challenges, and workplace temperature is a case in point.  


As things heat up, productivity – and workers’ moods - can decline, making it important to introduce measures that can bring a degree (or two) of control to your local environment. Here at Alliance, we have a huge range of cooling equipment available for hire, enabling you to dial down the temperature and dial up the comfort levels.


Air-conditioning units

From the portable to the large-scale, our air-conditioning units provide an easy-to-set-up solution for cooling, dehumidifying and controlling your environment. 

☑️Air Conditioning Unit - 14000btu


Industrial fans
Air movement is key in the cooling process, and in a big space, you need a fan capable of shifting large volumes – just like our Air Mover Turbo Fans, crowd cooler fans and drum fans. 

☑️Air Mover Turbo Fan


Evaporative coolers

Typically used in drier environments, energy-efficient evaporative coolers provide a portable temperature-control option that takes advantage of the cooling effect created when air causes water to evaporate. 

☑️Evaporative Cooler


As with all Alliance equipment, quality is guaranteed since every item is fully examined prior to hire, undergoing a complete electrical safety test. Our expert team is also always on standby to help advise on the type of cooling kit and the number of units you will need to satisfy the area of square footage you are working with.


What we can’t guarantee, unfortunately, is how much sunshine we’ll get to enjoy this summer, so our advice is to make sure you get the cooling equipment in place to ensure everyone can enjoy it while it lasts!

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