Cutting equipment for groundworkers and utilities

Usually the first team on a construction site, groundworkers prepare footings and foundations, and the provisions for drainage, cabling and the installation of utilities such as fibre optic cables and telephone lines, in preparation for the structural work to begin. At Alliance Tool Hire we have years of experience serving groundworker customers, so we know that using the correct cutting equipment is key.

In this article we share the essential tools for the job. If in doubt, remember, the experienced Alliance Tool Hire team is always on hand to provide advice!

Cutting concrete and tarmac

Floor Saw

Typically you will be cutting tarmac or concrete in order to remove and break it up, or creating a channel to lay, for example, pipes or electricity cables.

Floor Saws are the key to this job; these walk-behind units are great for the heavy duty work of making straight deep cuts.

At Alliance Tool Hire we stock the leading Norton Clipper CS451 Floor Saw, in part because it has one of the lowest low hand arm vibration (HAV) levels in class, reducing operator HAV exposure levels by up to 40%.

This machine with its high powered petrol engine is able to reach cutting depths of between 125mm and 170mm. Depending on what you are cutting – from asphalt to green concrete, cured concrete surfaces and reinforced concrete floor slabs – we stock a comprehensive range of diamond blades to ensure you get the right specification blade for your job.

Disc Cutters

Disc Cutters, also known as Cut Off Saw or Cut-Quick, as the name defines this highly versatile two stroke compact saw is ideal for cutting in tighter corners and can be used to cut sections of concrete, providing fast and precise straight cuts, in addition to bricks, paving slabs and reinforcing bars. Their light weight and portability also comes in handy on site. 

We supply the Stihl range of Disc Cutters for their impressive power-to-weight ratio and exceptionally low vibrations (below 2.5 m/s²). To improve safety on site, we can supply an accompanying water suppression kit to keep dust to a minimum.

We stock two stroke oil which is needed to mix with petrol to keep the machine running and can supply diamond blades for every application, and metal cutting blades are now available.

While Disc Cutters are highly portable and great for cutting a multitude of products quickly, with larger volumes of masonry work we advise you to turn to our alternative range of specialised equipment…

Cutting paving slabs, paving blocks or brick

Block Splitter

Turn to the Block Splitter if you need to cut a high volume of paving quickly. No fuel or electricity is needed as these machines operate with a guillotine action. These splitters cut flat-faced products with a straight edge in seconds. In addition to their speed, block splitters reduce the amount of dust created during cutting, and if being used in a residential area are relatively quiet to operate.

We stock the Clipper CPS41, as the bottom blade is pronounced which improves visibility of the cutting line and allows materials to be undercut for precise laying without uneven large gaps. Set up times are also reduced by its centrally mounted large depth feed screw. This reaches cutting depths of between 50mm and 110mm.

We also hire larger capacity Hydraulic Block Cutters for stone blocks, kerb stones and paving slabs with a cutting width of 650mm and a cutting height of 235mm they operate quickly and efficiently. The hydraulic piston provides over 20 tonnes of force, allowing you to break large, tough materials with ease and again without the need for fuel or electricity. 

Masonry Saw Bench

The one drawback of Block Splitters is that they will only cut as smoothly as the block’s aggregate allows and cannot part cut. Whereas, Masonry Saw Bench will provide a clean cut with a glass-smooth finish. It is designed for accuracy and supports cutting at different angles.

At Alliance Tool Hire we favour the Clipper CM501 Masonry Saw, available with a powerful petrol engine or 110v, as it allows for cutting of varied materials including bricks, blocks, concrete, natural stone, refractory products, roof tiles and masonry materials. Its winding handle and foot pedal depth control allow the operator the flexibility to either multiple step cut or fixed cut (full depth) material. It also provides excellent visibility of the work piece, regardless of the cutting head’s elevation. Max depth of cut is 165/195mm.

This highly versatile bench saw includes an integrated recirculating water pump to minimise dust exposure and improve the life of the diamond blade. 


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