How to resolve tricky access situations

The second article in our access series runs through the best ways to tackle hard to reach access points. Whether you need to span a conservatory, trim a hedge or decorate above a stairwell, we have a number of high quality, reliable solutions to hire.

Spanning a conservatory

Conservatories are beautiful additions to a house, but can prove problematic. When you’re looking to work on the exterior, such as repainting windows, roofing or just clearing gutters, working over a conservatory can place some limitations upon your movement. The glass structure is typically not designed to support your weight so working directly on it puts you at risk of falling and injuring yourself and damaging the conservatory.

A bridging scaffold tower is the best solution. Two scaffold towers are set up around the conservatory to provide a stable support and a bridge is created from alloy beams over the conservatory roof, fitted with floorboards and handrails for safety. Our supplier partner Eurotowers has a specially designed Bridging System, which links two towers to create a large working platform area with a clear span between them.

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Hedges are another common obstacle when working on the exterior of a building or landscaping. Luckily, there are plenty of purpose built access towers that can create a platform above any shrubs and hedgerows. These clever High Clearance Units can be assembled quickly, are specifically designed to be constructed over non-movable objects and come with adjustable legs for easy use on uneven surfaces. 

But what about if you want to trim a hedge? Relying on a ladder to give you stable access is not a good idea, but our Podium Steps give a secure 600 x 600 platform to work off plus a guardrail for added stability.


Moving inside, work such as painting and plastering can be heavily hindered by stairs! Luckily, our access partner Eurotower supplies Stair Access Tower, which provides a ready-made safe platform level of 2.2m and can be extended up to working heights of over 11m. The unit features adjustable legs, allowing you to create a level platform on uneven stairs, and special narrow base plates to fit within cramped staircases. 

This tower can also utilise existing 3T Ladder Frames. This means you can use your 2m or 2.5m equipment along with the base frames to provide a safe working platform on your stairs.

Cramped spaces

Small narrow spaces can present a challenge when you need to work at height. Traditional methods such as ladders can be tricky to manoeuvre in tight spaces and should only really be used for inspection rather than working, especially when you need both hands. Our 232 Narrow Rung Scaffold Tower takes up minimal space, enabling climbable access on either side of the tower, which is ideal for working in confined spaces.

Our One Man Tower is also a popular compact tower that can be erected by one person in just 15 minutes. With four platform heights offering a working height of up to 6.10m, the tower fits through standard doorways and has 250mm rung pitch.  

Uneven ground

To help you deal with uneven ground and sloping, our access equipment is supplied with castors and base plates to ensure the stability of the tower structure, allowing you to adjust the height of the legs and bases by up to 450mm. If the ground is particularly soft, our linkable Ground Protection Matts are supplied in 2.4m x 1.2m units that can be joined together to form an anti-slip area, perfect for erecting a tower.

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