Our guide to quick set-up access equipment

In recognition of Ladder Safety Month, our latest article explores additional access solutions that may prove safer and more effective than ladders.

Ladders are great for quick and easy height access, when you’re not using tools, don’t need both hands and when a job is less than half an hour. We have a range of ladders and stepladders to explore HERE.

Looking beyond traditional ladders opens up many solutions for your working-at-height needs. Often tasks demand the use of both hands, making ladders inadequate and unsafe. Erecting full access towers might seem like a viable alternative, but often, they’re unnecessarily time-consuming and impractical for certain jobs, especially when you’re looking for quick setup and minimal manpower. Moreover, squeezing full towers into tight spaces can be a challenge.

Enter our easy-to-use access equipment: the ideal middle ground between ladders and full access towers. Designed for tasks that require a bit more height and stability, with solutions that are simple to deploy without a team. This kit not only simplifies your work but also enhances safety on site with added guard rails and secure platforms, ensuring compliance with HSE guidelines.

Delta Deck: Working height 2.45-2.87m

The Delta Deck system is perfect for relatively low-height tasks that require platform heights of up to 870mm, such as adjusting wiring, painting, ceiling fixes, electrical jobs, or joinery. Easy to set up, move around, and adjust heights, the compact size and light weight of the Delta Deck makes it particularly useful in confined spaces where traditional scaffold towers cannot be used. Each end of the platforms has an access gate and there is also a guard rail on every side, allowing for safe and hands-free working.

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Podium Steps: Working height 3-4m

Our anti-slip Podium Steps provide a secure platform that is better suited for tasks that require balance and the use of both hands, such as plastering or fitting overhead fixtures. Designed for single-user operation, they come with adjustable heights, guardrails, and stabilisers for enhanced safety and stability. Ideal for trades like M&E, engineering, and pipe fitting, these steps fold flat for effortless transport and storage, aligning with HSE’s safety guidelines for working at height. Their foldable design not only offers convenience but also ensures a safer alternative to ladders, especially in conditions demanding greater stability.

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One Man Tower: Working height 3.1-6.1m

The One Man Tower allows for easy one-person setup and dismantling. Ideal for jobs like gutter clearing, lighting adjustments, window display changes, or ventilation system maintenance, it offers a strong, compact, and portable solution. Equipped with wheels for mobility, it suits tasks where you need to move around. Compliant with HSE guidelines for safe work at height, it features adjustable working heights and a base narrow enough to fit through standard doorways, transforming into a trolley for easy transport. Its platform and guardrails secure a safe working environment, making it perfect for fixture installations or minor repairs.

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The Delta Deck, One Man Tower, and Podium Steps stand out as great tools for construction sites, bridging the gap between the limited security of ladders and the longer setup time of access towers while adhering to HSE guidelines. Explore our range of access products for hire HERE. For additional insights into safe practices for working at height, delve into the wealth of resources provided by the HSE.

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