Electric Pressure Tester

The pressure testing pump is an ideal pressure testing solution for applications such as sanitary, heating, solar, sprinkler systems, compressed air, steam, cooling systems, oil installation and boiler and pressurised vessel construction.

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It is robust, compact and lightweight at just 12kg and easily transportable for on-site testing. It features a wear reduced high power piston pump and pressure gauge dampened by glycerine with a range of 60 bar/6 MPa/870 psi. The unit features a high pressure hose of fabric ply construction that is hard wearing and prevents measurement errors and the suction hose has a filter fitted to keep unwanted particles from entering the system. A return flow restricter stops the hose from running dry while in standstill mode and shortens suction times.

Powerful electric pressure testing for pipe systems and receptacles.

Ideal for charging solar systems.

Pressure testing range where p is less than or equal to 60 bar/6 MPa/870 psi.

Suitable for water, hydrous solutions, emulsions.

pH value of liquids 7 - 10.

Temperature of liquids -30° - 60°C.

Viscosity of liquid, less than or equal to 1.5mPa s.

Universal Use

Suitable for plumbing, heating, sprinkler systems, solar systems, compressed air, steam, cooling systems, oil installations and many more applications.

Ideal for charging solar systems.


Robust, compact and lightweight (just 12kg).

Easy to carry and ideal for site use.

High power, wear reduced piston pump.

Pressure gauge glycerine filled for damping effect.

High pressure hose with fabric ply and ½" connection.

Suction hose fitted with removable filter and ½" connection.

Fine pressure gauge, p is less than or equal to 16 bar/1.6MPa/232psi capable of reading a pressure change of 0.1 bar for tightness testing to DIN 1988 (available as an accessory).

High Power Piston Pump

Self sucking, high power piston pump running in a sealed oil bath with friction reduced stainless steel piston.

Heavy duty 1,300w motor, fast and powerful with a high pumping capacity of 6.5 l/min.

Pressure testing up to 60 bar/6MPa/870psi.

Adjustable pressure limiting.

Pressure limiting in 6 stages 1-6MPa/10-60bar/145-870psi adjustable to the necessary pressure in the system/pipe.

Supply Format

Rems E-Push electric pressure testing pump, pressure gauge, 1.5m hose with ½" connection, supplied in cardboard box.

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