Angle Grinder 110V

Introducing the Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder, a versatile and efficient cutting and grinding tool powered by the Nuron battery platform. This Angle Grinder offers the freedom of cordless operation while delivering precision and power for various tasks.


  • Cordless efficiency: Powered by the Nuron battery platform, providing freedom and flexibility for unencumbered cutting and grinding.
  • Enhanced performance: Equipped with a brushless motor for increased cuts per charge, combining efficiency and performance.
  • Active Torque Control (ATC): Ensures safety by instantly stopping the grinder if the disc jams, protecting the user and the tool.
  • Ergonomic excellence: Designed for balance and comfort with a low-weight design, reducing fatigue and enhancing precision.
  • Versatile applications: Suitable for cutting rebar, grinding concrete, notching metal surfaces, and more.
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Additional information

Rated voltage

21.6 V

Disc diameter

125 mm

Tool body weight

2.1 kg

Max. cutting depth

34 mm

No-load rpm gear 1

9000 rpm

Dimensions (LxWxH)

289 x 83 x 132 mm

A-weighted emission sound pressure level

85 dB (A)

Triaxial vibration value for angle grinding (ah, AG)

5.4 m/s²

Weight according to EPTA procedure 01/2003 without battery

2.1 kg



Recommended PPE

Safety footwear


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