Counter Balance Genie SLK15 360 SWL

The SLK-15 is a compact, manual material lift designed for precision lifting in confined spaces. It is ideal for electricians, HVAC technicians, and plumbers, enabling them to lift loads weighing up to 363 kg to heights of up to 4.46 metres. The lift’s adaptability makes it perfect for a variety of tasks such as installing air ducts, electrical fixtures, and plumbing pipes.


  • Compact design suited for various work environments.
  • Versatile use for lifting, positioning, and installation tasks.
  • Suitable for handling a range of materials including ducts, fixtures, and pipes.
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Additional information

Max lifting height

5m, allowing for access to elevated workspaces

Load capacity

360kg, supporting substantial weight for heavy-duty tasks


150kg, ensuring stability and sturdiness during use

Equipment use

Indoor, optimised for interior work environments

Lifting mechanism

Material lift, providing a reliable and efficient lifting process

Chassis type

Push around, facilitating easy movement across work sites



Recommended PPE

Head protection


Safety footwear


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