Hilti Nuron Cordless Heavy Duty Demolition Breaker TE2000-AVR

For those seeking powerful demolition capabilities without the bulk or cord, Alliance Tool Hire introduces the Hilti TE2000 Cordless Breaker. Optimised for concrete and other demolition tasks, this battery-powered tool is a testament to efficiency and portability. Engineered for floor operations, the TE2000 is backed by the state-of-the-art Nuron battery platform. Featuring a TE-S tool chuck type, this robust tool is impressively light with a body weight of 17.4 kg.


  • Equalling the demolition performance of its corded counterpart, the TE2000, and larger jackhammers but without the extra weight.
  • Perfect for one-day demolition jobs prioritising a swift start and streamlined progress.
  • With a weight advantage of 17.4kg and a more streamlined design compared to similar battery-powered jackhammers, the TE2000-22 excels in medium-scale and precision demolition tasks where tool control is paramount.
  • Pair it with a TE DRS-B dust removal system and a compatible Hilti vacuum cleaner to achieve a remarkable 95% reduction in silica dust.
  • Applications: expertly break concrete slabs and foundations up to 20 cm thickness, efficiently chase floors and carve channels for piping, safely remove heavy pavements without damaging the underlying slab.
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Additional information

Working direction


Tool chuck type


Tool body weight

17.4 kg

Single impact energy

38.2 J

Full hammering frequency

1800 impacts/minute

Dimensions (LxWxH)

841 x 630 x 199 mm

Triaxial vibration for chiselling in concrete

2.7 m/s² 1

A-weighted emission sound pressure level

100 dB (A) 2

Rated voltage

21.6 V



Recommended PPE

Face mask

Head protection



Safety footwear


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