Manual Tile Cutter

This Manual Tile Cutter available for hire combines lightness and functionality, making it a favourite among professionals in intensive ceramic cutting, particularly porcelain tiles. Engineered for comfort and precision, it features an 800kg single-point breaker, ergonomic design, and interchangeable scoring wheels to adapt to various materials and ensure optimal cutting quality.


  • Powerful cut: Comes with an 800kg single point breaker, capable of handling hard materials with ease.
  • Stable operation: A large reinforced base ensures stability and comfort during use.
  • Precision cuts: Features double chromed steel guides for enhanced visibility of the scoring line, ensuring accurate cuts every time.
  • Versatile use: Compatible with a range of interchangeable scoring wheels (Ø6-22mm), making it adaptable to different ceramic materials.
  • Ergonomic design: Bi-material handles provide enhanced comfort during intensive cutting tasks.
  • Repetitive cuts: A large lateral stop aids in precision and efficiency for repeated cuts.
  • Durable & portable: Comes with a new carrying case featuring reinforced locks and hinges for easy mobility and enhanced protection.
  • Included accessories: Packaged with Ø6 mm and 10mm scoring wheels to cater to normal and glazed stoneware tile cutting needs.
Total: £ ()
Excluding any selected add-ons


Additional information

Cutting length

66 cm

Diagonal cutting length

46×46 cm

Cutting height

6-15 mm

Separator power

800 kg

With carrying case


Net weight without packaging

9,5 kg

Weight with carrying case

13,4 kg



Recommended PPE

Safety footwear


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