Tile Cutter Saw

This Electric Cutter and Mitre Saw for hire from Alliance Tool Hire is your go-to portable, versatile, and powerful tool designed for finishes and renovations with utmost precision and efficiency. Its compact design is complemented by features prioritizing clean, accurate, and repetitive cuts, ensuring every tile fixer achieves the best possible finish.


  • Weighing just 17.2kg, it’s designed for easy transport and optimal use in small spaces.
  • Powerful performance: A robust 1.2hp motor equipped with a thermal protector ensures consistent, powerful cutting.
  • Versatile cutting: Comes with a 200mm CEV-PRO blade, suitable for all types of ceramic tiles and other materials, and capable of both standard and mitre cuts up to 45º.
  • Clean operation: Low water consumption and an optional work tray (not included) for one of the cleanest cutting experiences.
  • Efficient design: Features an easily removable blade protector for vertical cuts and an adjustable lateral stop for repetitive, precise cuts.
  • Quality assurance: Like all RUBI products, the ND-200 is subjected to rigorous quality tests, ensuring durability and optimal performance for tile fixing and building professionals.
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17.2 kg

Motor power

1.2 hp


51×52,5×24 cm

Blade type

200 mm CEV-PRO

Cutting capacity

Standard and mitre cuts up to 45º



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