Stand Alone Hand Wash Station

The Armorgard SH45 ScrubHub Hand Washing Station is a self-contained, tank-fed, cold-water handwashing unit made from 70% recycled plastic. This durable handwashing station does not require plumbing or electricity and features a foot-pump-operated tap to reduce contact with the unit and therefore the possibility of dirt and/or germ transference.

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The Armorgard SH45 ScrubHub Hand Washing Station includes a removable 25L wastewater tank and a 45L clean water tank which provides up to 225 hand washes. 

This handwashing station is also supplied with a removable bin, a soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser. The Armorgard SH45 ScrubHub Hand Washing Station's wastewater tank and bin are located at the rear of the unit for ease of access and reduced user contact. Please note that the Armorgard SH45 ScrubHub Hand Washing Station is NOT supplied with hand sanitiser or liquid soap. However, it is designed to include storage space for additional paper towels and 5L liquid soap or hand sanitiser containers.

The Armorgard SH45 ScrubHub 45L Portable Hand Washing Station is lightweight and easy-to-move, allowing it to be deployed where necessary. It is optimised for use in outdoor and indoor locations with a high footfall, such as offices, schools and worksites.


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