Staying safe with Alliance

Stay safe onsite with Alliance Tool Hire

This month we’re paying homage to Construction Safety Week. An annual week in May dedicated to all things health and safety for our industry, from mental and physical health to new and innovative safety methods, this initiative is a true celebration of the Construction industry and we’re here for it. 

How we keep you safe

One of the main benefits of hiring tools is knowing that all the correct safety precautions are in place. Not only do we make sure that you have access to the best-of-the-best equipment, but our accreditations from the Hire Association of Europe (HAE) and the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) cement our commitment to your safety, giving you peace of mind on site. Equipment is rigorously checked before very hire, user guides and PPE are available, and our experienced staff are able to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we use a third party H&S consultant for unbiased auditing of our systems and procedures and conduct regular internal audits across our depot network.

You can read our full Health and Safety statement here.

Keep your team safe on site

Our top priority is to keep you safe, which is why we are committed to offering premium products in this category. See how our equipment can keep your team safe on site:

Clear signage and lighting

Whilst sitemaps are helpful for larger builds, clear signage helps to communicate to workers and visitors, ensuring nobody gets lost. Plus it doesn’t take much effort – once you’ve set up everything it’s unlikely to change. We have a number of signs to hire to help mark out hazards, explore these products here.

It may be bright outside at this time of year, but inside spaces still require good visibility! Ensure your interiors are sufficiently lit with our eco lighting range.

Clear signage and lighting products to hire from Alliance Tool Hire

Waste management

Often on construction sites there’s just as much transfer of materials off site for disposal as there is on to site to build! Managing your everyday waste can feel like a challenge. Handily, we have a number of solutions.

Rubbish chutes are ideal for safely disposing of waste when working at height, depositing rubbish into a skip drum or container that is on the ground. Armorgard box trucks are a great alternative to traditional skips; they are set on wheels and ergonomically designed to move throughout your construction site, with extra enforced strength to allow it to be craned up. Lastly, our forklift tipping skips are designed to safely hold, transfer and dispose of large amounts of waste efficiently, which is great for larger builds.

Dust and air quality

As we all become interested in creating healthier and greener workplaces, managing air quality on site is at the forefront of our minds. Outside of employees’ health, which can be significantly affected by dust and air contaminants, there’s a lot of harm air pollution can do to the environment, affecting flora, fauna and air quality. From Hilti’s M-class Construction Vacuum which contains dust at the source, great for harsh building environments, and the DC Aircube 2000 our most powerful air cleaner, to the Dri-Eaz humidifier, which introduces moisture into the air ensuring the quality is maintained, we have a selection of products that can significantly reduce these risks. You can view more information on our dust busting products here.

Get rid of dust and contaminants with our dust busting products to hire

Questions about our range? 

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. If you want to hear more information about the equipment and products we offer, click here to find your nearest Alliance branch and give us a call. 

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