The big spring clean: products to keep your site clean and organised

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Need to keep your site clean and organised? We’ve got you covered.

The urge to turn your life, house, shed, garage upside down every April is a nationwide trend and a four day weekend is the perfect time for the entire population to say “Out with the old and in with the new!”

With eight depots fully stocked with the latest equipment, at Alliance Tool Hire we have to be organised all year round! And so, we’ve highlighted our bestselling products to help keep your construction site spic and span this spring.

Site traffic management and access

We have a range of fencing and barriers available to hire, our 1m hire metal crowd barrier, site traffic and pedestrian gates, water filled barriers and temporary metal fencing panels are ideal for enclosing sites quickly and effectively. Solid hoarding panels are great for a more secure and professional look and sturdy traffic control barriers are ideal for controlling vehicle movement.

Hire security and barriers for access from Alliance Tool Hire

Keeping everything clean

No matter the size of your project, keeping on top of cleanliness is important. From break rooms and on site offices, to managing your waste, we have plenty of options to help. 

Our portable cleaning equipment, such as this mini Bowser pressure washer, enables you to clean any part of your site without the hindrance of needing access to power or water. Added bonus: no pesky wires to trip over and no excuses to not clean parts of the site. 

Equipment organisation 

This is a big one for the Alliance team! For us, our centralised system combined with our experienced team members, means that each depot knows where our tools and equipment are at all times.

However, on site with limited storage options and an influx of team members, getting your hands on the tool required can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Research has found that construction workers spend an average 90 minutes per day ‘looking for stuff’.

Another concern is keeping tools and equipment secure on site. Luckily we have a number of solutions for this. Our lockable chests and boxes, made from robust steel and fitted with a five bolt deadlock (no one’s breaking into that!) come in two sizes, keeping everything locked up safe and sound.

Start as you mean to go on and contact your local Alliance depot today.

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