Meet Team Alliance – David Weeks

What’s the secret behind our success? It’s the Alliance team, of course! You can rely on our fantastic team to deliver precisely what you need, when and how you need it – and with a smile.

Get to know the people working hard for you and helping to bring your projects to life in our Meet Team Alliance series.

In this instalment, we meet Dave Weeks, our Area Lifting Manager. To find out more about Dave, from what he loves most about his role at Alliance to why dad Ken is true hero, continue reading.

How long have you worked at Alliance Tool Hire and how did you end up in your current role?

Since April 2021. I was brought in to temporarily cover the Ashford Depot as a manager for a few months, with the plan to then move into work as a lifting engineer. That’s what I do now. 

I was furloughed during the pandemic and I was restless so I took it upon myself to find a job in another company. I used to work with Mark Russell, Alliance’s Operations Manager, and he asked if I wanted to join the Alliance team. We had a really good chat, and there’s a lot of trust there, so it felt like the right move to make.

What gets you ready and raring to go in the morning? 

A strong cup of coffee! But also, my job. I like what I do. If I can help someone, solve someone’s problem or provide general guidance in my field, that’s what I enjoy most. I’m doing different things everyday and it challenges me.

What are your proudest achievements in your professional and personal life?

Personal: My children. I’ve got 3 sons, aged 18, 19 and 22. My youngest is training to be an engineer, the other is studying PE at college, and my eldest is the manager of a Nandos at the O2. We don’t get to spend as much time together now they’re older but before the pandemic hit we’d all gone away to Fuerteventura. We still try and do holidays as a family.

Professional: I’ve worked in some fantastic places with my job, including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. We’d do the rigging on set, then watch celebrities like Alan Carr and Ant & Dec doing their rehearsals from behind the curtains.

In one job, we had to repair parts of Woolwich Ferry in South London. I used to play on that ferry as a kid, so to work on something as an adult which I just had no understanding of when I was that small was so surreal. 

What does a perfect Saturday night look like for you?

Me and my partner Tina like to be out and about. We’ll go for a country walk in the day then finish with a meal in a pub in the evening.

Tell us three things about your role that you want your customers to know.

1) I always do what I can for the customer to go above and beyond, and I never cut corners

2) I’m friendly; I tend to get on with everyone I come across

3) I like to learn and I like to fix things. It’s something I’ve done from a really young age since growing up with my dad who was a scaffolder. I loved him to bits and I was always out to work with him

If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be and why? 

It’d be my dad, Ken. He had an accident then fell into a coma and died 13 years ago. I didn’t get to say all the things I wanted to say to him before he died but he’s my hero. He brought up 6 children on his own. I’d want him to know how incredible that was because I don’t think he ever really knew

Describe Alliance Tool Hire in three words.

Understanding. Accommodating. Friendly. 

For customer service, it’s one of the best. 

Favourite thing about working at Alliance Tool Hire?

The friendliness and the welcoming aspect. It’s a company that trusts you. Loyalty and trust is a big thing in my life so if I feel like that comes from a company, they get that 100% back in return.

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